An innovative design
to guarantee:

- Top performance
- Top safety
- Easy maintenance
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Accessory available: New Valve VSG20
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This pump is an absolute breakthrough in the field of self-priming LPG pumps. It is a multi-stage pump that operates according to a new principle. It consists of a set of side channel type stages with star impeller to which a special volumetric self-priming stage is connected on the suction side. The result is a pump with a much higher suction capacity than any other existing pump.

In normal conditions, priming time is reduced by one third, thus eliminating downtimes in product delivery.

In particular conditions, such as:
- Systems characterised by critical length and suction pipe layout;
- Systems with high suction gradient or with vertical tank;
- Systems affected by periodic pumping problems due to climate or the product pumped.

In all these cases, the BGD pump solves the problem, guaranteeing regular functioning.

ATEX Certification Ex II 2G T4

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