A refined and innovative project
that defines a new standard.
Brochure SBF
(pdf 5,6MB)

Submersible motor pumps for fuel distribution systems have been used for many years and their success is due to the advantages they undoubtedly offer compared to traditional systems. They represent the most rational solution to supply fuel dispensers and are indispensable in big, modern Service Stations.

The Series SB/F Pumping Units are the result of a refined and innovative project that has led to significant product development and establishes a new standard in the field of submersible motor pumps for fuel.

Detailed tests regarding performance and characteristics of the motor pump, the discharge head and the relative leak detector valve VRF 4, confirm that the series SB/F pumping units are unique in that each individual component is of the highest standard and, in some cases, these are decidedly innovative.

Certification CE 0447 Ex II 2G Ex mb II B T6

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