Serie T: Foot-mounted construction
Serie TFL: Close-coupled construction
Brochure T - TFL
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T series gear pumps are positive dispacement, self-priming pumps, suitable to convey any clean liquid having some lubricating power.

They can handle a wide range of viscosity, always operating at high efficiences.
T series pumps are the risult of a rational and refined design and will ensure a long trouble free service.

Rotation and flow direction:
The arrow on the pump indicates both direction of rotation and flow. Looking the drive-shaft, direction of rotation is clockwise and flow goes from left (suction) to right (discharge). Anticlockwise rotation can be supplied on request.

To avoid dangerous overpressures, pump can be equipped with an integral relief-valve of inside-recycling type or external-release type.
The integral relief-valve must work occasionally and for short periods; when continous pressure regulation is required, another relief-valve has to be installed on the delivery pipe.

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