Pre-Sales consultancy

The versatility of our products makes them suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Rely with confidence on our Technical Department to find the right product to buy, according to your specific needs or operating specifications.
Our technicians have expertise acquired over decades of work in the field and put all their experience at your disposal, both for the purchase of a pump or for the implementation of an entire system.

Quality and After-Sales Service

Our after-sales service is carried out at our factory, following submission and acceptance of the cost estimate.

Reconditioning, wherever possible, includes: repair, repainting, verification and final testing.

The product, at the end of the process, is as good as new. In the event of impossibility to proceed with repair or if this is not cost-effective for the customer, an offer for the purchase of an identical or interchangeable pump, if the customer so desires, will be sent.

We have a historic archive, complete with construction details, of all pumps sold.

If you want to buy a spare part, or a new pump identical to one purchased in the past, you can simply ask at our offices.

Via the serial number, we will be able to provide the right spare part or the new pump that will have exactly the same operating characteristics as the previous one.