E. Barbero s.r.l. is a company that has been designing, manufacturing and selling pumps since 1939.

Following the rapid development of the industrial market, we have designed and developed a range of highly professional products for pumping oils and fuels.

The production process, from initial design to construction and final testing, is carried out entirely inside our factory; in fact, over the years, we have acquired the necessary specialisation and technologies in order to manufacture pumps that stand out on the market for their extreme reliability and innovation.

Our "business cards":

All our electromechanical products are certified in accordance with Annex 7 of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and can work in potentially explosive areas.

We are the only European manufacturer of submersible pumps for fuels (see SB/F series), a technological excellence of ours and of Italy.

We manufacture a patented LPG pump, with self-priming vane element (see BGD series) with performances unequalled by pumps available on the market.

Finally, our pumps are individually built one by one according to customer requirements, from the offer to execution and testing, all with perfect traceability.
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